Current Geology Projects

Laterite profile clay resource

Coal and Copper Gold Resources Clermont area

In January and February 2019 I undertook a  consultancy at the margin of the Bowen basin at its contact to the Anakie Inlier.  In this region there are coal resources overlying older deformed  basement rocks of the Inlier, locally intruded by rocks of the Retreat Batholith. The project  included identifying both coal resources and possible mineralisation in the underlying basement.

Clay resources  to service the local Brisbane and south-east Queensland market for bricks

Cranfield Geoservices is a Brisbane based Geological Consultancy  with current projects  focused  to deliver innovative project outcomes for the Exploration and mining industries and Geohistory Tourism.  Over the past  50 years in the Minerals and Energy industry there has been a massive change in the use of technology in this industry with innovative integration of remote sensing and geophysics data sets with data from traditional techniques of geological mapping such as aircore, rock chip and diamond drilling.  This has allowed the discovery and targeting of buried mineral deposits and has identified basement below sedimentary basins in Australia of interest to future explorers.

Light burning clays in southeast Queensland have been utilised for brick making .  Much of the resource has been affected by Cainozoic deep weathering (lateritisation)  that has created a range of suitable clay types. Queensland Globe ( gives a series of links to key geological maps and reports that cover a range of resources from industrial minerals to precious metals.

A current project is the search for industrial minerals in southeast Queensland.  The  greater demands for high quality clay products with  specific properties in this part of the industry requires an integration of additional data sets in particular land parcel size and land tenure and the availability of current and future energy infrastructure and  road corridors to bring products to market.