Project Management Styles

Cranfield Geosevices identifies the style of project and program management appropriate for client demand and documentation.  For short term projects project management is usually an internal process managed by Cranfield Geoservices based on agreed terms of reference for the project with the client.  Agreement with a client identifies staged project outcomes based on delivery of different aspects of the project as either simply outlined in an Excel spreadsheet with identified possible road blocks or delays to  the work flow based on lack of critical data or other issues.

In larger projects there is commonly a more formal project management structure based on more detailed project management  documentation of agreed outcomes and payment using project management software as required by the client.  If these schedules require input of information and resources by the client these are clearly identified at the commencement of the project to avoid any misconception by both parties.

For any additional information on styles of management for your projects and details of my experience contact me.