Websites and digital marketing for the mining industry

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Summary of website variations for the mining industry

Each part of the mining industry is promoted  locally and globally through conferences, workshop and seminars to small and large scale investors .  There are several parts to the industry and each has traditionally been marketed separately.

Websites for the First Stage of Mineral Exploration and suggestions for changes

The first part of the process is the exploration phase.  This is undertaken by exploration companies who utilize existing information on prospectivity and pre-competitive information to apply for areas to be explored under an licence to explore. The entity to undertake the exploration is an individual,  private company, or a publicly listed company.  Private companies by their nature do not have to document publicly the information for their exploration, but this is held in Australia in company reports by the various state Mines and Natural Resources Department and released after the cessation of the exploration permit.

Similarly publicly -listed companies do not have the details of their exploration released in detail to a wider audience, but are commonly required to identify significant mineral intersections in line with mining legislation.  Generally, private listed companies have scant information on a website, but it is a market advantage for support of publicly listed companies to have details of mineral intersections listed on websites and presentations of the results of current exploration to interested shareholders. At this stage the resource is not adequately defined, but there is knowledge

Although representatives of companies spend considerable time and effort giving presentations about the current mineral intersection results of current drilling and  proposals for future drilling the number of promising projects that fail to produce a mine is over 90%.  This leads into the failures to mine a resources after identifying  the amount of available resources from pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies Why this is so stems from a number of factors such as:-

  1. The original concept of the style of mineralization was incorrect and the targeted exploration was ineffective in defining the mineralised zones
  2. The global supply was in excess of demand and requirements for the commodity were low
  3. The company did not have adequate bankable resources  from a feasibility study  and could not convince potential investors to assist in funding the next stage of exploration and / or development
  4. The company did not have a successful off take agreement for the resource
  5. Transport and processing of the ore was too expensive due to the remote location
  6. The  ore was refractory and could not be processed with current technology

Most of the above issues can be effectively managed and for investors to be confident enough to buy shares in a public company it would give them more security in investing.