Geohistory Tourism

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Mpunt Billewillam -PNG highest mountain
Mount Bilewillam PNG Highest Mountain


Brisbane City, Geohistory tour
Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Tuff ancient ignimbrite flow – northern abutment Storey Bridge.
Active Tavurvur Volcano, Rabaul
Tavurvur Volcano – Rabaul PNG

Geohistory Tourism is defined as history interpreted on the basis of geographic factors, (

  • 1. The geological history of the earth or of a region.
  • 2History as studied in the context of geography or the earth sciences (oxford dictionary definition)

With these definitions in mind Geohistory tourism is about visiting a region to absorb the links between the geological evolution of a region to the geological processes that create its landscape, the interaction of the biota (plants and animals), the human interactions with their environment and each other in the past, present and projections into the future.

My premise is that geological evolution creates the landscapes, that are originally the domain of native plants and animals that also evolved over time.  The appearance of humans in the landscape modified natural environments with larger populations inhabiting the more favourable parts of the environment richer in natural resources. Competition for the best land and natural  resources has been a constant feature of human history.  The concept of geohistory tourism is that the interaction of humans with their environment  is crucial in creating their civilisation and culture that is what generates the fundamentals of  global tourism and human interaction.

This theme will be the subject of articles that trace the geological evolutioe n through the local southeast Queensland area and the creation of natural landscapes, ecology and biota in the Brisbane area through to the uses made of the land by aboriginal inhabitants andte the influence of the colonial period to the present day.  The theme of geohistory tourism has not been fully outlined and tested and forms a fundamental new theme in global tourism.

It is important to deliver outcomes in Geohistory Tourism locally in the Australian community to test the efficacy of this form of tourism in a global sense.  In this sense Brisbane city forms a good model for  showing how the geological evolution of the area gave rise to the landscapes and ecology of the region and how the original aboriginal habitants lived in the area prior to the colonial establishment of the Moreton Bay  prison at the present site of Brisbane City.  The impact of the colonial settlement on the local inhabitants and the evolution of Brisbane city through time, its historical buildings and the past, current and future of the continuing development of the city is a point of interest and attraction to overseas and interstate visitors and Brisbane locals.

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