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CUSTODIANS Module 2: Geological Processes, governments and human civilisation

CUSTODIANS Module 3 – Geohistory 


CUSTODIANS MODULE  5 – Sources of major Ecosystem degradation and affects on climate other than transport, industry and power generation

CUSTODIANS MODULE 6 – mass extinctions

CUSTODIANS MODULE 7 – Chemistry and Technology

CUSTODIANS MODULE  8.  Power Generation – renewable and non- renewable sources

CUSTODIANS MODULE  9: What are the components of Climate Change? What are its effects and how can humanity change to do something about it?

CUSTODIANS MODULE 10- Sustainable Development

CUSTODIANS MODULE 11 – Possible Actions



Option 1 – Custodians: Full Course with copy of the hardcover book + Complete Digital Edition!

Lessons from history show that when leaders are greedy, lazy, ignorant and /or corrupt that civilisations  can collapse.

The building of megacities in the new world was based on access to these resources, their value, and economic transport to a lucrative market and availability of natural resources in the hinterland. The protection of unique natural landscapes and cultural heritage has developed over the past 250 years. The reasons for past mass extinctions is geological processes in the past, but human induced change is now the greatest source of ecosystem change.

The use of natural resources for power generation is critical for advancing human civilisation, but the theme of mining these resources sustainably in Module 10 SIM (sustainability in Mining) is a critical feature, and the theme is concluded by personal and community- based ideas to change human behaviour to make a difference to the negative human-induced changes to our ecosystem.

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The Earthwise Custodians course shows that geological processes over the history of the Earth created the resources necessary to evolve human civilisations.  The change from the hunter-gatherer era of the earliest human humans to the development of farming and the domestication of other animal species marked a fundamental change in human behaviour and the development of larger more complex civilisations in the ancient world.  When human populations were low in relation to wild animals, natural earth processes were the fundamental agents of change. However, since the middle of the 20th century to the first quarter of the 21st century the very high increase in human populations and their domestic animals has made humanity the main agent of change on earth.  

Historically, a feature of Human nature has been to try to solve issues of getting around, living longer and controlling the environment and resources (the cause of most wars). The potent increase of knowledge, technology, and the rise of wealthy and powerful multinational corporations have a significant influence on the political process that can hinder necessary action to reverse the effects of negative human-induced changes to the ecosystem.  Earth resources are limited, and it is vital to act now as custodians both personally and collectively to think beyond current ways of operating to a whole of earth viewpoint that negative human activity in one region or industry can cause major impacts far from their local area. 

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