Mining Industry Review 2020

PDAC 2020 Conference 2020 review of the mpst and least favourable jurisdictions

One of the outcomes of the PDAC annual conference is a review of the mining industry for 2020 which includes an assessment of the most and least prospective jurisdictions  to explore and develop resources. This review is undertaken by the Fraser Institute an independent Canadian public policy research and educational organisation with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal and ties to a global network of think-tanks in 87 countries. In this study the Fraser Institute  indicated that Western Australia is the most attractive global jurisdiction to explore and develop a resource.
world for mining investment followed by Finland (2nd) and the U.S. state of Nevada
(3rd), based according to the Annual Survey of Mining Companies.

Based on 76 jurisdictions  ten most attractive 1) Western Australia 2) Finland 3) Nevada 4) Alaska 5) Portugal 6) South Australia 7) Republic of Ireland 8) Idaho 9) Arizona 10) Sweden

and the 10 least attractive regions are: 67) Nicaragua 68) Mali  69) Democratic Republic of
Congo (DRC) 70) Venezuela 71) Zambia 72) Dominican Republic 73) Guatemala 74) La Rioja, Argentina
75) Chubut, Argentina  76) Tanzania