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Option 3 includes modules 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11!

It starts from the same premise as the first half of the course, expanding into the impact of the distribution of natural resources, their use by human civilisations and the building of civilisations in the ancient world. Lessons from history show that when leaders are greedy, lazy, ignorant, and /or corrupt civilisations can collapse. It then follows human degradation of the ecosystem in more detail. This theme highlights the evolution of chemistry and technology and essentially poses the question of will humanity’s knowledge save us from the looming ecosystem degradation by miraculously delivering totally renewable power generation that is non-polluting, energy positive, sustainable and economically viable. Module 10 on sustainability addresses our most critical resource: the quantity of available freshwater on earth. How companies attempt to address the UN sustainable development goals and identifies ways to address natural and geohazards and media focus on tipping points that unbalance critical parts of the earth’s ecosystem. Again module 11 as a conclusion of personal and community-based ideas to change human behavior to make a difference to the negative human-induced changes to our ecosystem.

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