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Includes digital access to modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10-SIM and 11!

These lessons identify the distribution of natural resources due to major geological processes, their value in building civilisations  in the ancient and modern world. Lessons from history show that when leaders are greedy, lazy, ignorant and /or corrupt that civilisations  can collapse. The building of megacities in the new world was based on access to these resources, their value, and economic transport to a lucrative market and availability of natural resources in the hinterland. The protection of unique natural landscapes and cultural heritage has developed over the past 250 years. The reasons for past mass extinctions are geological processes in the past, but human induced change is now the greatest source of ecosystem change. The use of natural resources for power generation is critical for advancing human civilisation, but the theme of mining these resources sustainably in Module 10 SIM (sustainability in Mining) is a critical feature, and the theme is concluded by personal and community- based ideas to change human behaviour to make a difference to the negative human-induced changes to our ecosystem.

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