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Exclusive Access to: Option 1, including the following modules of the App / Online Course: PREAMBLE -why is it for you? INTRODUCTION -FUNDAMENTALS OF THE COURSE CUSTODIANS module 1   THE LARGE- SCALE GEOLOGICAL PROCESSES THAT AFFECT- OUR EARTH CUSTODIANS Module 2: Geological Processes, governments and human civilisation CUSTODIANS Module 3 – Geohistory CUSTODIANS – Module 4. GEOHISTORY OF NATURAL WONDERS AND ANCIENT CIVILIATIONS CUSTODIANS MODULE  5 – Sources of major Ecosystem degradation and affects on climate other than transport, industry and power generation CUSTODIANS MODULE 6 – mass extinctions CUSTODIANS MODULE 7 – Chemistry and Technology CUSTODIANS MODULE  8.  Power Generation – renewable and non- renewable sources CUSTODIANS MODULE  9: What are the components of Climate Change? What are its effects and how can humanity change to do something about it? CUSTODIANS MODULE 10- Sustainable Development CUSTODIANS MODULE 11 – Possible Actions

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