A vision for caring for our Earth. How to effectively use resources to prevent total ecosystem collapse!

Grab your opportunity to contribute towards the protection of our unique, beautiful planet!

Complex 21st century issues have resulted in confusion,  powerlessness and a need to take direct action to heal and rebalance our Earth’s ecosystem!

Author and distinguished geologist Leonard Cranfield Helps Unravel and Understand the Urgency for Better Management of Earth's Natural Resources!

In this life-changing book of 9 chapters and course of 11 extensive modules Leonard shows through knowledge how to unlock Sustainability that has Positive impacts on our ecosystem!

Chapters of Custodians  and Modules of the Earth Custodians online app (Download from Google Play and Apple store) 

Custodians – A vision for caring for our earth (The book -Amazon Kindle or paperback)

Chapter 1 :  Government Corruption, Collapse of Previous Civilisations, and Geological Processes Create Landscapes and Resources that Delop Human civilisations.

Chapter 2: Geohistory and Geo-Awareness – Processes that Create the Landscapes and Resources of a Region Enhance Urban Settlements to Form Its Most Pro minent Megacity.

Chapter 3: Global Geohistory National and Geo-Parks, World Heritage Parks.

Chapter 4: Resource Requirements Linked to Technological Changes.

Chapter 5: New Resources and Acceptable Business Practices.

Chapter 6: 21st Century Critical Issues Affecting the Planet and Human Civilisations.

Chapter 7: Human-Induced Change – Pollution, Land Degradation and Climate – Many Questions to Ponder.

Chapter 8: Powering Humanity to Sustain Our Earth Now and in the Future.

Chapter 9: Conclusions – Ways Forward


Earth Custodians online course App comprises 240 plus slides  organized in separate modules:

Introduction (with video)


Module 1:   Large-scale geological processes that affect- our earth (free download)

Custodians in Action (Modules 2-11 are available for online purchase – see below).

Module 2: Geological processes, governments and human civilisation

Module 3: Geohistory of megacities (New York and Sydney)

Module 4: Geohistory of natural wonders and ancient civilizations

Module 5: Human ecosystem degradation and effects on climate

Module 6: Mass extinctions

Module 7: Chemistry and Technology

Module 8:  Power generation, renewable and non-renewable sources

Module 9: What are the components of climate change? its effects and how can humanity change to do something about it?

Module 10: Sustainable development

Module 10 SIM: Sustainability in Mining

Module 11: Proposed actions

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Meet the Author, Leonard Cranfield.

For the past 45 years Leonard has been helping private clients and several governmental departments unravel and understand the urgency for a better management of our natural resources, and created this training material and the book to assist anyone who become interested in contributing positively to a healthy and sustainable modern living without further compromising our Earth and create a legacy for the future generations and a life you will be truly proud about.

I was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1947 as part of the Baby Boomer generation.  A Brief career summary as a career geologist – I worked for government departments of natural resources in Queensland and Papua New Guinea, I lectured in 2003 in Earth Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, undertook field work in southern China and as an international expert in national geological surveys in Mongolia. 

Achievement of management roles was due to introduction of innovative ideas to create seamless QA assured geological GIS products. These roles included Geoscience Manager Southern Region Queensland and for Mineral Resources Team leader mining and exploration tenement management, acting director for the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) and Executive manager and Chief Government Geologist in Mineral Resources Authority Papua New Guinea. I operated in all areas of geoscience, tenure and government geoscience management, and wrote more than 100 geoscientific publications.  

Following deterioration of my eyesight in 2019, I refocused knowing I had something I more to give to the world. My two great passions are promoting geohistory tourism linking geological processes to landscapes and resources vital for human civilisation and also protecting the earth’s fragile ecosystem through encouraging local communities to demand government action to stop developments that cause detrimental effects to human health, the earth’s ecosystem and cultural heritage. The human challenge is to undertake activities that are sympathetic with the earths ecosystem and move forward the research of current major issues confronting humanity. Nature can still be used, conserved, and restored sustainably through reorganization across all technological, economic, and social factors to deliver optimal care for our earth’s ecosystem. A major positive 21st Century outcome globally is that more people have been lifted from abject poverty in the world than ever before in history. The current products are my effort to deliver my passion.

In this life-changing course and book, Leonard will offer you through 11 extensive modules with the knowledge to unlock true sustainability without negative impact on our ecosystems.

This essential work is helping hundreds of students and businesses around the world, and it’s yours to access today!

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Here’s What Industry Experts Are Saying about the Author...

2018 Testimony 01

I personally think you did the best investigation in all the ones I have seen submitted to this organisation”.

Chief Geologist Julius Marinelli

Austral Bricks

Testimony 02

This vital coal seam gas industry priority project included a July 2017 report launch with State Government (DNRM) and Coal Seam Gas Industry representatives.  From left to right are myself, the department representative David Green and the Industry Project Representative Peter Evans of Origin Energy.

…students appreciated Len’s efforts to develop this material for them and are cognisant of the importance and relevance of this work to their future careers in the earth science.  Len received a higher SET (Student Evaluation of teaching) scores above the Departmental average and he is to be commended for this. I hope we will have the opportunity to work with Len in the near future”. 

Dr. Sue Donahue, Head of Earth Sciences, The University of Hong Kong, 2003.;

Saving the earth from ecosystem collapse

Humanity must become more aware of how to take care of each other before we can understand how to take care of our planet as custodians.

The global corruption levels of government and secrecy from its citizens has increased and this is endemic even in the most democratic nations. Corruption makes all decisions of government.

The 21 st Century has been dubbed the ‘information age’ with most of the known elements being extracted to support a complex knowledge-based modern civilisation.

An examination of the current processes employed by business shows significant shortfalls in addressing the environmental effects of large projects that have extensive land use and complexity. Locally the result of these actions has been major environmental and human tragedies.

Major problems of the 21st Century are air, water , land and marine pollution, probable extinction of one million species by 2030, land degradation and climatic perturbations.

The impact of disasters and disease on human and animal populations and vegetation are examples of what has been grouped under the human induced change.  The bush fire season in Australia and elsewhere has been exacerbated by increasing aridity of climate and vegetation and the over allocation of water in major river systems in drought conditions.

Power generation in the 20th and 21st centuries has brought more people out of poverty, but it’s consistent clean power generation with minimum pollution and land clearing that is the key to a healthy ecosystem.

As custodians humanity needs to find better ways to undertake activities in harmony with our earth’s changes of climate, ecosystem and our needs to fulfil our role as true custodians of our wondrous home. Humans need to wake up, step up, and be heard to make our earth a sustainable liveable ecosystem for us, our animals, and everything.

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