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Geohistory Tours

Geohistory Tourism – finding your interest



Geohistory tours  combine three main aspects of global tourism –1.Geological evolution of landscapes and resources, 2. plant and animal evolution through time and,3. the emergence of human culture and civilisation pn global megacities.

The oldest form of human tourism is to visit different regions to see how different and similar your neighbours are and to see their type of existence and resources.  The battle for these resources a through time has been the main way that human civilizations  have evolved. The increasing global population and knowledge through the internet  has created a range of tours focused on a mass market  for adventure experience away from the ever expanding megacities in which the majority of human civilisation is now concentrated.  Globally there are several UNESCO Geoparks which identify regions of significant geological importance on different continents.  These regions have a range of unique geological rock formations that attract tourists.  Commonly they occur in mountainous regions with little agriculture and are regions of  spectacular scenery.  

Geohistory tourism aims to bring together the  formation of landscapes and resources through geological time and the reasons where human civilisations are concentrated. This type of tourism includes urban and protected areas  The site contains all the regions of the globe concentrated in 5 major core pages. Within each page there will be links to tours in that region. The links may contain self guided or fully guided tours and also included options for  accommodation, dining and local infrastructure and services.

Australian Geohistory Tours

Geohistory tourism in Australia is just beginning.  The Ecotourism component of Geohistory tours is better developed than the Geological (or Geotourism) component and the cultural tourism concept is usually handled by historical societies and locally in major cities through a greeter organisation. Options for this tourism in Australia are  outlined in Geohistory tourism in Australia   Cultural tourism is developed in Europe based on many thousands of years on human history and culture and this is reflected in these countries by a .

Queensland Geotourism 

Google map ,Queensland

Queensland has the potential to create a thriving industry in geohistory tourism based on its climate, world heritage regions, local development and natural resources. The ways that these tours could operate would include:

1.. Traditional tour with guide and brochure and commentary and a set agenda for the travel.  This would suit larger tour groups and particularly those from overseas with limited English and time to visit the State.

2. self guided tour using brochures, printouts,  Thus would link to the grey nomads who have both enough time and are not very computer literate and like to travel the main highways of the country seeking out interesting places to visit along their travels.

3.Self/tour  guided tour using phone apps or websites would  link best with tech savvy tourist who enjoys the constant use of   smart phone apps to locate all their  items of interest  .   This concept of using a hone app to highlight the building stones of the city of Brisbane was first showcased in the International Geological Congress (IGC in 2012) as the Geotourism Brisbane app  This has been upgraded and used in the 2017 World Science Fair  (e.g. Konect Tourism).  The concept includes creating digital postcards in front of sites of interest. Regions included and shown on the following slide. The Konect App could be a model for self -guided Global Geohistory Tourism. The most northerly area covers the Etheridge shire and has been complied with the purpose of creating Australia’s first geopark. Other areas completed include Eungella National park and the Brisbane CBD. Work is continuing on North Stradbroke Island and the Redcliffe Peninsular.
Changes in the movement of people to overseas destinations this year (2020) due to the covid-19 pandemic form a great opportunity to promote options 2 and 3 for self guided tours combined with local directories of services so that self guiding tours can avail themselves of routine and emergy services as needed.


Sporty Trends global


Sporty Transport 

Segway Option 2018 FBA
Segway minilite  – AMAZON

Current and proposed  transport trends include exciting variations for individual travel. Some potential transport trends have become main stream whereas others have been slow to gain acceptance and some have been blocked by regulators. Interesting trends in transport are the development of electric scooters, hoverboards and mobility scooters including brands such as Segwayelectric bicycles and drones. Factors that influence the movement to more sustainable pollution-lowering ‘environmentally- friendly’ transport solutions are increasing pollution due to internal combustion engines in urban areas, associated climate modifications due to these pollutants and the desire to have effective, efficient ways to be mobile at any age.  These factors have created a significant and increasing demand for electric-powered vehicles for individual transport.  The decrease in mobility with advancing age and the global trend for an increased life span trend has created increased demand for mobility scooters for the less physically active and injured members of the community.   Electric bicycles have many advantages over traditional bicycles particularly for mountain bikes for the over 50s who wish to be capable of high-energy adrenaline outdoor activity .  Original military applications such as drones are evolving to have mainstream applications for leisure and personal transport.  Camera drones can be used in remote sensing of the environment and to capture special outdoors moments.  The use of larger drones as personal transport across traffic clogged streets that characterise our ever expanding city scapes  is being considered. however there are significant safety concerns and issues with civil aircraft in restricted zones that be need to be overcome.