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Geological Mapping Services

Four major benefits To Choose Cranfield Geoservices for Geological mapping for your Mineral and Energy resources project– Experience and leadership in geological mapping in Queensland and Papua New Guinea over 45 years Bespoke integration of relevant aspatial (databases of analytical

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Project Manager Minerals and Energy

Four major Benefits – Choose Cranfield Geoservices and the Team of  IT specialists within the Cravern Group  to manage your mineral and exploration projects. Identify any legal impediments for your proposed exploration through an in depth knowledge of Mining Acts

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Water bore data Condamine Basin

Basin Analysis of Energy and Mineral Resources

Four Major Benefits   –  Choose Cranfield Geoservices for your Basin Analysis includes :-  High level local knowledge of the stratigraphy, sedimentology and structure of southern Queensland basins,  Expertly review of the current knowledge of your area including mapping, drilling,

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Mineral & Energy Exploration and Mining Projects, Geology for Local South Queensland Development.

Improve Your Knowledge of Geological Process that affect Landscapes and resources

Exploration and Mining Projects

CRANFIELD GEOSERVICES (CGSI) has a link to the CRAVERN GROUP OF IT SPECIALISTS and can deliver an end- to- end solution from web site audits and proposed upgrades to improve domain authority and upgrades and digital marketing of your project. From more than  40 years of experience we deliver :

  1. improvements to your  target generation of  mineral and or energy potential and application for an exploration licence.  
  2. Training in grass roots field operationsgeological mapping of prospects and data integration. Through access to the Cravern Group we  also offer mine planning and plant design and  processing of your resource.  This is done through accessing a very broad range of experience in the field of geology and Information Technology (IT) specialties from  projects in Australia and overseas.
  3. experienced responses to your inquiry with more than 120 years of combined experience in the exploration and mining industry of minerals and energy projects our integrated service drives value for your investors in your project.
  4. Experience in  Mineral and  Energy Project  including Queensland, and Mongolia examples, regional and detailed studies in Queensland and Papua New Guinea in Geological Mapping, coal, economic and industrial minerals and energy resources.

Contact us for our range of services :

  • Train your staff in developing your Minerals and Energy Project  – The  staff training service is  focused on developing your staff in specific methods to improve integration and interpretation of multiple geoscientific digital data sets to solve local anomalies. These data sets include airborne, ground and down-hole geophysics, remote sensing, geochemistry, geological mapping,  field site observations, drill hole data, structural interpretation, mineral analysis, stratigraphy and  energy resources.
    Utilize high level knowledge and experience of mineral (including industrial minerals) and energy resources based on roles in government geoscience in Australia, Papua New Guinea and teaching in China CGSI can work with your geologists to Identify , refine and Target potential resource areas in your tenement.
    Executive Level management skills and experience in understanding of government tenure management, mining law and World Bank contracts based on senior management roles in Queensland, Papua New Guinea and Mongolia.
    High level understanding and knowledge of local issues related to operating in a particular jurisdiction with special references to Queensland, Papua New Guinea and Mongolia which can be applied globally. Understanding the nuances of mining legislation is a crucial element of all mineral and Energy project. Knowledge of the mining legislation and how it is applied in a jurisdiction can greatly affect the success of any project.
    Expert assessment of existing geology and the geological content   of geophysics, remote sensing and geochemistry using all relevant data to drive targeting for your exploration and can update knowledge by improving the geological mapping and resource information by integrating historical data sets.
    More than 40 years of geological mapping experience in  in Queensland and Papua New Guinea. We can carry out reviews of the current knowledge of your area including mapping and drilling, identify updates to interpretation  and data integration required to solve local and regional anomalies.  Our extensive knowledge of data and different geological terrains allows us to deliver effective and efficient integration of relevant digital spatial (geophysics, remote sensing, geological mapping) and aspatial data.
    Development of a new sequences of data and knowldge integration.  A recent example of the development of a new sequence of geoscience knowledge  is from an industry priority project to rapidly update the  stratigraphy in the eastern Surat Basin in line with economic imperatives to find the outcrop ans subcrop of the the Walloon Coal Measures and Springbok Sandstone. These units are the coal seam gas producing units in the Surat Basin. The method involving  integration of multiple digital geoscience data sets including airborne radiometric and magnetic geophysics, seismic data, water bore data, satellite imagery, stratigraphic and coal seam gas drilling, previous geological mapping and coal resource and mine data.  Changes in local landscapes assisted in the interpretation of geological boundaries to deliver a new stratigraphic interpretation based on coal seam gas producing units of the region to assist a consortium of coal seam gas producers to carry out  further work in the basin.


Geology for local Development

CGSI has detailed knowledge of the geological units of southeast Queensland. The principal was involved in creating all current geological maps of this region and the first Geoscience GIS package (SEQ GIS) for the Geological Survey of Queensland.  He has knowledge of government constraints to development at the State departments and Local Authority level that may be crucial to your development proposals.  Recent projects in this region have linked the known geology to industrial mineral resources and development of land parcels .

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